Tax Attorney: When You Need Professional Legal Help With Tax Debts

If you have a tax debt that you are not sure how to resolve, a Tax Attorney can help. Tax law is a specialized area of legal studies in which governmental or public bodies, including state, national and local governments use a governing body of laws and methods to calculate and collect taxes from a person in a legal context called taxation. Taxation is legally binding, so it is important that citizens understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to tax payments. A tax attorney can explain the different areas of taxation and give advice on tax planning and filing taxes with the appropriate government agencies.

Tax Attorney

Taxation is a complex field, so tax experts can be found anywhere in the country. Tax attorneys can be found in small private firms, large law offices, nonprofit organizations, CPA firms, enrolled agents, banks, real estate agencies and volunteer groups. Tax attorneys can also be found online, providing valuable advice on tax matters and answering questions that anyone may have about tax returns, tax planning and filing with the IRS. Tax lawyers are also skilled in preparing federal tax returns and in representing people involved with the IRS, such as taxpayers, accountants, payroll processors and self-employed individuals.


Tax attorneys must be licensed by the state bar exam board before they can practice in a state bar exam. In addition to taking and passing the bar exam, attorneys must pass the state board’s ethical standards test, which includes an extensive examination of the candidate’s knowledge, professional experience and skills. These requirements ensure that all qualified lawyers meet the highest standards of conduct. Tax attorneys can be very helpful to people who are having trouble with the many different state, federal and local taxes.


Attorneys also need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to practice law. All US citizens can take the bar exam, but those who want to practice legally in the United States must first take and pass the United States citizenship test. Once the test is passed, attorneys need to take the American Bar Association ethics exam. It is a three hour exam and is available through most public law schools throughout the United States.


Tax attorneys need to keep up with changes in tax law, as well as the ever-changing tax codes. The number of changes to the tax code and changes in tax liability are virtually endless. They must be skilled and knowledgeable enough to recognize these changes and the ways in which they can benefit their clients. A tax controversy attorney can review current issues, evaluate options and recommend the best solutions for resolving the tax liability of their client.


When it comes to taxes, attorneys represent both parties. In an audit with the IRS, the attorney will usually consult with the borrower to determine if there is a reasonable solution to both sides’ problems. Attorneys can also be helpful to borrowers who have tax debt and want to avoid an audit by the IRS. Bankruptcy may seem like the only option at times, but with the help of a good tax attorney, bankruptcy can actually be avoided. The best way to handle an audit is to engage a tax lawyer right from the beginning.